Custom Design

Examples of some of Steve’s custom design work.

Joondalup Special

Elevation is a cross between the Award winning Resort and the Joondalup shown here.  Click here for the plan.

No 1 Providence

Based on the Tooday Lodge. The York plan was then redesigned to my families requirements. So I spent money on the features I wanted. Click here to view plan.

No 7 Windchime

Design by me for my family in Atwell’s Harvest Lakes stage 1 before the land prices went through the roof! The block was under$100k The home was under $200k! Click here to see plan.

Custom designed Rear Strata

One off design for a Bicton Rear Strata. Approximate value $280K  Click here to see plan.

Custom Design Two Garages

Designed from scratch from a pencil sketch by client, refined and refined and refined! Atwell. Click here to see plan.

Custom Design Joondalup

Joondalup heavily modified to suit the clients requirements in Lesmurdie. Click here to see plan.

Special design work

602m2 of Home. This was based on The Piermont design! Click here to see plan.