Demolish & Build versus Renovations

This is where you really need to do your home work. Best bet is to get quotes on your renovation and simply compare with demolish and build. The money you may save needs to pay for renting for the construction period. You can save many thousands by getting a considerate builder who will time the need for demolition to the latest moment to minimise paying rent. For the cost of a phone call you can save builders margin on a demo. {50c versus $5000?} It will be as seamless as the builder organising everything.
How to save thousands on demolition? Just ask me how…it is so simple and it is just plain commonsense, yet some builders don’t tell you this! To be fair it may just be inexperience.

Bottom line: a renovation could cost between $2000 and $6000 per square metre. To build through us, would be between $800 and $1500 per square metre . You do the math; that is a huge saving.

Demolition vs Renovation

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