Traditional Homes

Colossus 6 Bed with 3 Bathrooms

The Vasse

The Vasse suits 17 metre wide sites; Click to see plan

10m, 12m,13m,15m &17m wide site homes

The Destiny

Suits a 15 m wide site.

Fits a 13.3m site with a boundary wall to garage.

Easily reduced to suit a 13m wide site. Click here to view plan.

The Luxe

With feature elevation Try this with some added features; raised ceilings, enlarged alfresco, deluxe kitchen and still have change from $250k! Click here to view plan.

The Realm

This is exceptional value. So easy to modify the plan.This was my display in Piara Waters; I designed the Colossus based on this plan!  Click here to view plan

The Resort

Award winning State and National. I manned this Display Home for the first two years; get some great tips on how to make this an even better home! Click here to view plan.

Modified Resort with reversed front.

Award winning design with the front of the home reversed to suit the site. Click to see plan.

The Luxe design modified

The Luxe heavily modified 5 bedroom version with some added features.  Click here to see plan.

The Denver

Small Loft Home for cottage lots or your front and rear stratas.  Click here to view plan