Custom Design Tips

Get together Options:

  • Meet in the comfort of your own home or office
  • Meet at nominated Display home
  • Liaise via phone and email

Develop a brief for your home:

  • Life style
  • Eco Friendly
  • Solar orientation
  • Budget
  • Know all the costs to consider.
  • Time frame. “Start to finish” versus “earthworks to finish”.

Obligation free advisory service:

Steve Portelli is Computer Drafting trained and having built 7 times, has the experience and expertise to provide you with prompt designs and itemised quotes.

  1. No builder, including ourselves, puts in enough power points, TV and Telephone connections.
  2. What are some value added features that can be incorporated that won’t break the bank?

Get these ideas up front from me, without having to fight for the information! All itemised in a quote for your review. You may not necessarily do all of them, but isn’t nice to have the option?

Examples: Extra thick insulation and glass to windows, to act not just for heating and cooling, but sound deadening. With homes getting closer and closer with higher density housing, this is so much more important.

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get one off designs drawn up by Steve. But please note the copyright is not released to you, to have built elsewhere. If you wish to have this freedom then you will need to commission a designer to whom you pay fees; big fees!. Do your homework upfront; confirm that Plunkett is value for money first and then take advantage of this invaluable service that Steve is offering.

Contact Steve today to get started!