Guide to Building

  1. Preliminary discussions by phone or email. [My promise to you; NO hard sell with constant harrassing to progress further!]
  2. Meet to discuss options and ideas.
  3. Complete design brief for specific location.
  4. Provide Drafted drawing of design and itemised quote.
  5. Happy! Progress to Preliminary agreement and sign up and pay deposit for producing drawings and contracts.

This is where most Consultants go walk about and don’t want to know about you anymore…I’m still there!

  1. Receive Contracts and working drawings. [In parallel another set is sent off to Shire for building approvals.]
  2. Mock Prestart with me. Further tips and advice and an outline on what is going to happen at your Prestart.
  3. Prestart – contract signing. Signing off on what design and options to date and then advising of any fine tuning like electrical, colours.
  4. Sign off on Prestart variations and process for final set of drawings.
  5. Plunkett Homes will now place orders via Scheduling to commence construction of your home.
  6. Commence construction.

PS: I’m still there for you if any queries or concerns.

  1. Any queries or concerns you have the Office during business hours and myself as back up 24/7.
  2. Complete construction and do a handover inspection with your Construction Supervisor.
  3. Authorize final payment and handover of home…keys and warranty papers.
  4. 6 month maintenance period. Liaise with Plunkett to have maintenance issues fixed.
  5. Enjoy your home!

PS: I’m still there for you if any queries or concerns.

There are many fine details to attend to in the above. Your Customer Service person from Plunkett and I will keep you informed. My aim is to pave the way for a stress free environment for the building of your new home, whether it is your dream home or an investment. As a Professional H.I.A Certified New Homes Design and Sales Consultant, I will not abandon you once you have signed up on the dotted line. Besides doing the right thing by you, you are walking advertising for me. Referrals and repeat business are rewards for excellent service. I do not get paid retainers. I get paid for sales results only.

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