Typical Stuff Ups!

  1. You get yourself a Consultant who says, “Leave it till prestart” over and over again. A lazy buggar, who is not prepared to get items priced up front, or worse still, is going to rip into you with exorbitant pricing once you are signed up!
  2. Paying money or signing an agreement to get a quote – no way! An ethical consultant will do this obligation and charge free. The only time a charge should be involved is if the builder has to call for Feature Surveys or engineers reports to quote site works. Pricing a home with changes is a service that we do free of charge.
  3. Getting a Survey and Engineers Report from some builders is fraught with disaster; we will, in the event that you do not proceed with us, release the copy to you, to use eleswhere. Now that’s ethics and being reasonable! We will charge you between $500 and $1000 for a survey [No huge builders margin to pay!] Hopefully you will proceed with us…in that event the monies paid, is deducted off your house price.
  4. Not orientating your home to maximise the northerly aspect. Helps save energy and can make your home light and breezy if done right.
  5. Not planning for future improvements: pools, spas, rear access for workshop, storage etc.
  6. Ensure your services are not going to be in the way of any improvements as above.
  7. Soak well’s and other storm water piping. Ensure you don’t put in trafficable areas where they are susceptible to damage from bob cats etc.
  8. Not allowing enough power points or at very least, work the system and have power points on internal walls. You can always do power to cavity walls later without the need to “chase walls” and therefore have patching up work.
  9. Not thinking about security or passive surveillance of your home. As an active Neighbourhood Watch member I know there are many ways to secure your home without spending huge sums of money. Sensor lights, positions of windows, alarms that ring your mobile instead of expensive monitoring companies.
  10. Allow for the thickness of floor treatments like tiles and carpet when putting in fridges and dishwashers. Ditto doors with extra plush carpet.
  11. Piping under your drive for reticulation of your garden. Saves digging up your drive.
  12. Getting everything done by the builder; sometimes it is cheaper to source your self after handover. Air conditioning, carpets etc..but sometimes the deals can be as good. You can trust me to tell it straight and advise which way to go.
  13. Forgetting about your crossover. An ethical Consultant/builder would advise you that it is not included in the house price. How often do you see homes taken over without the driveway completed? See my H&L Calculator to see the hidden costs.
  14. Not using a H.I.A. Accredited Sales Consultant. They have the training and accountability to the Association; to be ethical and honest in their dealings with you as a client.
  15. How professional is the presentation of your proposed home design and quote to you? Does it beg the question?
  16. Don’t forget building is not just the bricks and mortar etc. it is the administration, the sales service, the after sales service, the fixing of warrantable items and finally it is “will your builder be around in 10, 20, 30 or a 100 years time?”

To mention but a few! You will need to develop TRUST with your Consultant and builder. Have they earned it? Regards, Steve.